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Fortunately, This Rather Dubious

By admin / April 4, 2015

Her maintenance dose would then be 432+108=540mg.  So if she Was taking the Mag Tab SR her maintenance dose would now be 6 Tablets per day. When and How should I decrease the dose? With watery Diarrhea decrease the dose by 50%, since this is usually short Lived, if present at the time of the […]


Diets For “Dry” With Minimal Loss Of Muscle Mass

By admin / February 28, 2015

The Magonate in addition to your daily maintenance.  If you Find you are using the Magonate all the time then you should Increase your daily maintenance dose. Take the Mg Gluconate (Magonate) on an empty stomach. 1hr before or 2hrs After a meal. Example: Jill is taking Mag Tab SR for her migraines.  Her daily […]


Yet It Is A Crucial Point If You Want High Athletic

By admin / October 4, 2014

2:  Jill is taking her daily maintenance dose of Magnesium – 6 tablets.  She notices at 2pm that she missed Her noon dose.  To prevent getting symptoms from missing her Dose she can take her noon dose now and also take 5 Magonate Tablets.  This way she gets instant relief that can work Quickly and […]

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