Diets For “Dry” With Minimal Loss Of Muscle Mass

The Magonate in addition to your daily maintenance.  If you

Find you are using the Magonate all the time then you should

Increase your daily maintenance dose.

Take the Mg

Gluconate (Magonate) on an empty stomach. 1hr before or 2hrs

After a meal.


Jill is taking Mag Tab SR for her migraines.  Her daily

Maintenance dose is 6 tablets per day or 504mg per day.  Now

She has been on her supplements for about a month without a

Problem.  She starts to develop an aura at 1:00pm and knows

The migraine is soon to follow.  So she would take 5 Magonate

Tablets at 1:00pm.  At 2pm she starts to feel the migraine

Starting.  So at 2pm she takes another 5 Magonate

Tablets.  At 3pm she still doesnt feel right so she should

Take 5 more Magonate tablets.  At 3:45pm she starts to feel

Relief.   The next day the aura starts again.  She

Takes 5 Magonate tablets and this time she ups her daily

Maintenance to 7 tablets – because she is getting breakthrough

Symptoms this is a sign that her daily maintenance is not