I Don’t Care For The Blue One I’ll Get

By admin / October 3, 2015

The clinician is often frustrated when treating FS patients since symptoms are

Numerous and solutions inadequate. The finding of a potentially reversible

Problem (i.e. Mg deficiency) in some FS patients is encouraging. This study, as

Well as a previous report [8], identified a subgroup of FS patients that may

Benefit from Mg supplementation. More importantly, this finding may inspire

Further investigation into other easily treated problems that may cause FS

Patients difficulty. For a disorder such as FS which has no cure, the correction

Of any other problem which may be an exacerbation or perpetuating factor may not

Only be of help to the patient but may be critical in getting the FS under

Reasonably good control. There is certainly precedent for such reasoning.

Travell and Simons [14] have maintained for many years that MPS sufferers cannot

Be treated adequately unless perpetuating factors such as vitamin deficiencies,

Electrolyte imbalances, poor posture, etc. Are eliminated or ameliorated.

The question of whether Mg deficiency is pathogenic or simply an epiphenomenon

Is not known and requires further study. However, to he able to identify a

Correctable problem in FS sufferers is certainly desirable. Thus, Mg deficiency

Should be considered in FS patients especially if they are not responding to

Conventional treatments [15, 16] as expected. It is important to note that the

Mg deficiency in FS patients was discovered only when RBC Mg levels were

Measured. Thus, FS patients who are suspected of suffering from low Mg must be

Tested for both RBC and plasma Mg before Mg deficiency can be ruled out.


Many FS patients suffer from Mg deficiency. While the former condition can

Be treated but not cured and the latter is potentially corrigible, it is

Important to assess Mg levels in all FS patients for optimal management of their

Musculoskeletal problem.


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