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Enteric coated drugs: May be released prematurely

In stomach. Separate doses by at least 1 hour.


Magnesium sulfate can enhance the neuromuscular blocking effects

Of neuromuscular blockers such as d-tubocurarine, and

Succinylcholine. Caution should be exercised when using these

Agents concurrently.

Because of the CNS-depressant effects of magnesium sulfate,

Additive central-depressant effects can occur following concurrent

Administration with barbiturates, opiate agonists, H1-blockers,

Antidepressants, benzodiazepines, general anesthetics, local

Anesthetics, and phenothiazines.

Concurrent use of oral magnesium salts with sodium polystyrene

Sulfonate (Kayexalate®) is not recommended. Sodium polystyrene

Sulfonate may bind with magnesium salts administered orally;

However, the risk of binding with oral magnesium salts may be less

With rectal administration of sodium polystyrene sulfonate.

Excessive ethanol or glucose intake has been found to increase

Urinary excretion of magnesium. Avoid high intakes of ethanol and

Glucose while taking magnesium salts.

Concurrent use of intravenous calcium salts with parenteral

Magnesium sulfate can neutralize the effects of parenteral mgso4;

However, calcium gluconate and calcium gluceptate are used

Clinically to antagonize the toxic effects of hypermagnesemia.