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Hypertension, or tocolytic treatment during pregnancy.

Magnesium-containing antacids and supplemental magnesium salts

Should not be used in patients receiving vitamin D analogs.

Vitamin D analogs can increase serum magnesium concentrations in

Patients with chronic renal failure.

Does Magnesium have any side



Overdose Symptoms to recognizediarrhea is the most common

Symptom of magnesium overdose, but it is important to

Remember that diarrhea could be due to an acute viral

Illness or sorbitol found in many diet foods and

Candy. It also could be due to dietary indiscretion

Such as in the case of a known food allergy or

Intolerance.At serum magnesium levels between 3 meq

And 5 meq/liter, there is a tendency for lowered blood

Pressure because of peripheral vasodilation. (Severe

Hypotension may occur at higher levels.) Facial flushing is

Sometimes seen, associated with sensations of warmth and

Thirst. While nausea and vomiting may occur, they are not

Always present.When serum magnesium levels reach 5 meq

To 7 meq/liter, lethargy, dysarthria, and drowsiness can

Appear. Deep tendon reflexes are lost when the serum magnesium

Level increases to about 7 meq/liter.The respiratory center becomes depressed

When serum magnesium levels exceed 10 meq/liter; expected

Changes include shallow respirations, irregular brief periods

Of apnea and, finally prolonged apnea.Coma occurs when the serum magnesium

Concentration is 12 meq to 15 meq/liter. Cardiac arrest may be

Expected when the serum level exceeds 15 meq to 20 meq/liter.It is possible to produce an overload of

Any electrolyte if excessive quantities are administered;

Magnesium is no exception. For example, excessive magnesium

Administration during treatment for eclampsia can cause both

Maternal and fetal hypermagnesemia. For this reason, magnesium

Should be administered cautiously, especially to patients with

Decreased renal function. While normal persons can excrete 40g

To 60g of administered magnesium per 24 hours and thus safely

Receive large doses of magnesium, those with decreased renal

Function cannot.

What dose of Magnesium should I


Since the majority of us do not eat right nor do we have the

Perfect stress-free life, we will need to take more than the RDA for

Mg, because we need to take in more than we

Lose.        Herbert C. Mansmann, Jr., M.D., Director of The Magnesium Research

Laboratory at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA has

Come up with a dosing method that really works great.  Dr

Mansmann has done research on the use of magnesium for the past 11

Years.  His method of dosing is a little different than what

You are used to.  But if you follow the directions you will get

Better!  First you must choose a Magnesium Product to use as a

Maintenance daily dose.  This can be the magnesium product

Of your choice.  You can check the magnesium product page

For more detailed information about the different