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By admin / September 4, 2015

Replacing magnesium has been shown to have a very positive

Effect on migraine symptoms in some people.

How safe is Magnesium?


The Safety of Oral Magnesium supplementsthe intestines control the amount of magnesium absorbed,

Since any overdosing with magnesium causes diarrhea, which

Expels the overdose. This is the way Milk of Magnesia works,

Resulting in evacuation of the entire bowel, because this salt

Is virtually insoluble and combines with water to act as a

Laxative. If you are taking Mg Supplements and take too much

You will develop an episode of watery diarrhea that will last

About an hour. You should then decrease your next dose by 50%

As indicated on the Mg Dosing page. If you are on a Mg

Supplement and have diarrhea that is accompanied by fever,

Abdominal cramping, blood or pus in the stool or black tarry

Stools this is not an indication of Mg excess and you should

Notify your doctor immediately to find the source of your

Diarrhea.As long as the kidneys are functioning adequately, the body

Cannot accumulate excess magnesium in the blood. This is best

Determined by doing a serum creatinine level. Those with

Higher than normal creatinine levels need to be evaluated

Medically and should not take Mg supplements without the

Direct supervision of their physician.The above two responses of the body protect us from an

Excess of Mg.Magnesium supplementations are safe during pregnancy but you

Should always consult your obstetrician before starting any

Medications or vitamin & mineral supplementation during



Will Magnesium interfere with my medications?

Drug Interactions

Allopurinol, antibiotics, digoxin, iron salts,

Pencillamine, phenothiazines: Decreased effect because of possible

Impaired absorption. Separate administration times by 1-2 hours.

The absorption of quinolone and tetracycline

Antibiotics as well as nitrofurantoin is diminished when taken

With magnesium supplements. Therefore, magnesium should be taken

Two to four hours before or after taking these medications to

Avoid interference with absorption.