Yet It Is A Crucial Point If You Want High Athletic

By admin / October 4, 2014

2:  Jill is taking her daily maintenance dose of

Magnesium – 6 tablets.  She notices at 2pm that she missed

Her noon dose.  To prevent getting symptoms from missing her

Dose she can take her noon dose now and also take 5 Magonate

Tablets.  This way she gets instant relief that can work

Quickly and hold her over until her normal noon maintenance dose

Kicks in.  Since it takes about 2-3 hours for the Mag Tab to

Start working she may need to repeat the Magonate dose for 2-3

Hours until the Mag Tab starts working.

Should I take anything with the


Calcium – Anyone who

Takes a magnesium supplement should also take calcium.

The ratio is 2:1 calcium to Magnesium up to a maximum of 2

Grams of calcium per day.  So if your daily maintenance

Dose of Magnesium is 600mg per day you would take 1200mg of

Calcium.  If you take 1,000mg of Mg then you would take

2,000mg of calcium.  If you take 2,000mg of magnesium you

Would only take 2000mg of calcium since that is the maximum

That your body needs.  If you take more calcium than 2

Grams your body will not use the excess and it could compete

With the Mg and actually cause your Mg to drop.

Riboflavin – Researchers

Have found that taking high doses of Riboflavin (400mg/day)

Along with the magnesium helps alleviate migraines.

Vitamin B6 – helps with

Magnesium absorption.


For more information about

Magnesium supplementation check out these pages:

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