Your Elbows Once Dumbbells

By admin / June 15, 2015

Products.  The most commonly prescribed magnesium

Supplement is Magnesium Oxide.  Magnesium Oxide comes in

Strengths of 250mg, and 400mg.  Mag Tab SR is one magnesium

Supplement that is available that is sustained released.

Mag Tab SR comes in one strength of 84mg/tablet.  Slow Mag

Comes in one strength of 64mg/tablet and also has calcium

128mg/tablet.  Slow mag is Magnesium Chloride and is

Enteric coated to prevent release in the stomach and decrease GI

Upset.  Once you have decided on what

Product to take you will start out day 1 by taking the

RDA.  See the example below:


1       Jill* is a migraineur

Who has decided to take Magnesium to help with her

Migraines.   She is 160 pounds.  The RDA is

6mg/Kg.  To convert pounds to kg you divide the weight in

Pounds by 2.2 which will give you the Kg.  160 divided by 2.2

= 72kg. 72kg x 6mg = 432mg which is the RDA for Jill.

So on day 1 Jill would take 1 Mag Oxide 400mg or  5 Mag Tabs

Or 7 Slow Mag’s.  You can take these in divided doses.

So she could take 2 Mag Tabs in the am, 1 at Lunch time and 2 at

Night.  Any of the above combinations would give her the RDA

For Mg.Swallow tablets whole with a

Full glass of water.Take the Mag Oxide, Slow Mag

And Mag Tab SR with food.When taking the Mag Tab SR –

Scored tablets may be broken without affecting the 12hr

Sustained release.

Slow-Mag is


And tablets should not be broken.


And how should I increase the dose?

If you

Are still having symptoms (Migraines, leg cramps, ect) and you

Have a constipated bowel movement increase the next dose by

One tablet.


2   Jill is taking her above maintenance dose of 5

Tablets of Mag Tab Sr.  She develops a migraine on day 3 and

Also has noticed lately that her stools have become less

Frequent.  Jill would then increase her dose to 6 tablets/day

And continue to increase it each day as long as she was still

Having constipation and migraines.  If Jill was taking the

Mag Oxide she could also try taking one Mag Tab since it is

Sustained released and would give her 7mg/hour of Mg. You can mix

The above salts.

An increase of

The magnesium dose is taken when a new medication known to

Cause an increase in urinary magnesium excretion causes

Symptoms. (Check the Urinary

Magnesium Wasting Page for a list of drugs that can cause

Urinary magnesium wasting. If you are on any of them and your

Symptoms return then that would be an indication to increase

Your next Mg dose).

An increase in

Disease specific conditions that cause changes in magnesium

Metabolism; hyperglycemia documented by self monitoring of

Blood sugar, an obvious increase in stress, ect.

With the above

Symptoms the maintenance dose should be increased by 25%.

Example 3  Jill

Is taking her maintenance dose of 432 Mg per day.  She gets a

Sore throat and her doctor puts her on Zithromax which is a drug

That is known to cause Urinary Mg wasting.  She would then

Increase her maintenance dose by 25% which is 432 x25=108mg.